New Tool: AD Password Monitor


A fellow Mac admin has improved upon my solution to Active Directory password expiration management and has made his project available on Google Code. Password Monitor is an app that lives in your menu bar and unobtrusively displays the number of days remaining until your AD password expires.


Anyone who is either already using one of my scripts or widget or is just looking into a way to solve the AD password expiration problem should definitely give this a look. One key difference with this solution is that you must set the expiration age of AD passwords manually. Since this information is easy to obtain from your AD admin, it should not be an issue. Here’s what the preferences window looks like.


Keep in mind that the project is in its early stages, but it is quite useable now.

UPDATE: The current version is incompatible with Snow Leopard. The bug has already been reported.


5 thoughts on “New Tool: AD Password Monitor

  1. Hi, guys

    I really thanks for people updating and creating this software.
    It works fine, but I have a question about ” AD Password Monitor” still..

    (Q1) “Password Expiration Warning”
    Go to “preference” and I checked to both the following things.
    “Launch Password Monitor at Login?”
    “Display expiration notice on login window”

    Yes, my password expiry date is appearing on menu screen.
    OK, my password expiry date is 3 days later, but the screen of “Password Expiration Warning” is not appearing.

    Please advise me how can it be shown?

    (Q2) Displaying expiration notice on login windows.
    I checked the title thing on preference.
    After I logout, I can see the expiry date on the login windows properly.

    But I have multiple users. That means several user names are shown up on login windows, right?
    ex), Adam, Tom, Kate, Brian, bulla bulla..
    In this instance, which user does “expiry date” point to?

    I am sorry, I am not native English speaker.
    So I will be happy as easily as possible you can.

    • Hiro,

      You should report any issues you have to the google code site for this project:

      I’ll try my best to answer your questions, though.

      (Q1) I believe the password expiration screen will show up after you log in. It the preferences, how many days warning do you have selected? It may only show the warning once on that day.

      (Q2) This software isn’t designed for situations where many users are sharing the same computer. In this case, I would leave the option unchecked to show the expiration notice on the login window.

  2. Hello, very useful app!
    I’m using this on a mac which is bound to a domain, but from a local account. My shortname happens to be the same as my ad username, so it works great. But when I try to use it on a local account whose shortname is not the AD username, it asks for password but does not know what username it is for. Might there be a way to add an ad username field?

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