Just for fun: Forstall’s Eyes screensaver

Many people who’ve watched Apple’s iPad intro video have commented on a certain Apple employee’s eyes. The comments inspired me to create an animated Quartz Composer screensaver featuring him. The head wobbles, the eyes look back and forth, and Apple logos come streaming from behind his head. This still preview should give you a taste:

I can only hope the victim of this screensaver has a great sense of humor should he find out about this. :)

Click here to download your copy. (NOTE: This is an updated link and should work better than the last one.)


5 thoughts on “Just for fun: Forstall’s Eyes screensaver

    • Pax, I’ve done a few things with QC here and there, mostly screensavers. I started messing around a few years ago. I downloaded a bunch of files from http://zugakousaku.com/ and examined them closely to see what was possible and how to fit things together. It’s not all that difficult.

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