Introducing: Assetter, a simple little asset app

Last week, MacEnterprise mailing list subscriber Eric Thomas Gadsby posted the following question:

Dear Friends,

Where I work the PC’s we use have a little visual basic app the give abbreviated system information along with the asset tag number (not the serial but something generated my the inventory people) when opened. Has anybody written or found such an app for Mac OS X? Ideas? Thanks!

I knew I could quickly create such an app for him using AppleScript Objective C (ASOC), so after a few back-and-forth emails to the list, I had all the information I needed and got right to work on it. After a handful of hours spread over two days, I had the app ready and shared it with the list. I present it to you here:

assetter-iconAssetter, version 1.2 build 2

Here’s a quick run-down of its features:

  • On first launch, Assetter prompts you for the computer’s asset tag if it has not yet been set.
  • The asset tag is stored in the computer’s NVRAM so the information is not lost when the disk is replaced or re-imaged.
  • Assetter displays the following information:
    • hostname
    • model
    • serial number
    • asset tag
    • memory
    • size and number of drives
    • ip address and hardware address of network interfaces
  • The data displayed can be exported to a text file on the desktop with the push of a button.

2 thoughts on “Introducing: Assetter, a simple little asset app

  1. We use Dell’s Kace KBOX for inventory, etc. Is this info in a place KBOX could get to it in an inventory? A shell script could also be run to read this info and put it somewhere KBOX can deal with.
    Thanks for taking the time to make this little (Enterprise) gem!

    • Other than the asset tag, which is written to NVRAM, the info is not saved anywhere unless you use the export feature and save it to a text file. Asseter is basically a shell script wrapped in a nice GUI. If you click the github link, you can dig into my code and find all the shell commands I use to get the information Assetter presents.

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