ADPassMon updated to v1.9.6

This version fixes an issue where the “Change Password” and “Refresh Kerberos Ticket” menu items would be grayed out incorrectly. ADPassMon is supposed to only disable these options if the AD domain cannot be reached. I was doing a simple number comparison between two values, but had far too much precision and clock drift would throw it off. I now use fewer significant digits in the comparison.

Download ADPassMon v1.9.6 here.

(You may have notices I’ve seemingly skipped 1.9.5. It was a quiet release of 1.9.5 that introduced a bug, so I pulled it.)


12 thoughts on “ADPassMon updated to v1.9.6

  1. hey there,
    i´m using actually v193 and v196 mixed.. i´ve some problems with the 196 version. On several macs with 196, i got no daytimer for the expiration. I´ve to downgrade the macs to the lower version, which will work for this time. But if u fix it, i would be so happy ;-)

    • Are the macs that are not working well with v1.9.6 set up any differently than the others? ADPassMon writes information to the console log. Can you install v1.9.6 onto one of the Macs that aren’t working well then open up and let me know what you see in the log?

  2. Hi, my log :

    15.09.14 09:08:53,561 ADPassMon[13151] Running on OS 10.9.x
    15.09.14 09:08:53,562 ADPassMon[13151] Testing Universal Access settings…
    15.09.14 09:08:53,607 ADPassMon[13151] Starting auto process…
    15.09.14 09:08:53,607 ADPassMon[13151] Found expireAge in plist: 35
    15.09.14 09:08:53,672 ADPassMon[13151] The new pwdSetDate (16300,51)
    15.09.14 09:08:53,680 ADPassMon[13151] Script Error: Can’t make «class ocid» id «data optr000000002065220000600000» into type number.

    • Adrian, it looks like the pwdSetDate value has a comma in it. I’m guessing you live in a country that uses commas to denote decimal places? If so, I’ll have to account for that in my code.

      • mhh does not work for me:

        16.09.14 09:09:28,759 ADPassMon[35609]: Starting auto process…
        16.09.14 09:09:28,759 ADPassMon[35609]: Found expireAge in plist: 35
        16.09.14 09:09:28,811 ADPassMon[35609]: The new pwdSetDate (16309.27)
        16.09.14 09:09:28,812 ADPassMon[35609]: is ≥ value in plist (1,630927E+4) so we use it
        16.09.14 09:09:28,817 ADPassMon[35609]: Script Error: Can’t make «class ocid» id «data optr000000002040220000600000» into type real.
        16.09.14 09:09:28,818 ADPassMon[35609]: expirationDate: Dienstag, 16. September 2014 09:09:28
        16.09.14 09:09:28,819 ADPassMon[35609]: Finished process
        16.09.14 09:10:03,391 ADPassMon[35609]: Testing for Kerberos ticket presence…
        16.09.14 09:10:03,415 ADPassMon[35609]: No ticket found
        16.09.14 09:10:11,962 ADPassMon[35609]: Incorrect password. Skipping.

        trying to set a new keberos ticket, but it fails with “password incorrect” but it isn´t

        • Hmm. This first error is caused by the comma in the list value. I’ll need to fix that, as well. I’m not sure what’s causing the password error, but it could be special characters in your password. I’ll need to make sure it understands Unicode characters.

        • Please try resetting ADPassMon. Click “Revert to Defaults” in the Reset, quit ADPassMon, delete ~/Library/Preferences/org.pmbuko.ADPassMon.plist, and then start ADPassMon again. This should take care of the first error.

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