ADPassMon updated to v1.11.1

Alas, v1.11.0 was short-lived. (Is this what the call continuous delivery?) Fixing the accessibility test in the previous release revealed a bug in the accessibility test — thanks to Jason Bush for pointing it out — where ADPassMon asks to be allowed to control the GUI even if it has already been given permission to do so.

This version makes the test more robust, and also adds an accTest preference item. Setting this to ‘0’ manually will disable the accessibility test, e.g.

defaults write org.pmbuko.ADPassMon accTest 0

If you are packaging this app for deployment in your environment, you can add the above command to a post-install script.

Download the latest build here


3 thoughts on “ADPassMon updated to v1.11.1

  1. Thanks so much Peter,
    This version works perfectly with our AD set up, one thing that i’m seeing is that the refresh Kerberos ticket option isn’t working where it was on the previous version.
    The Console message is:
    ADPassMon: *** -[ADPassMonAppDelegate doKerbCheck:] : No user interaction allowed. 9error -1713)

    I’m pushing out the preferences from a JSS Config profile which includes defaults write org.pmbuko.ADPassMon accTest 0
    i’m also using the following pre-install script to stop the application from prompting users for the accessibility setting
    sqlite3 /Library/Application\ Support/ “delete from access where client=’org.pmbuko.ADPassMon’;”
    #Then re-add
    sqlite3 /Library/Application\ Support/ “INSERT INTO access VALUES(‘kTCCServiceAccessibility’,’org.pmbuko.ADPassMon’,0,1,1,NULL);”
    Do you think either of the above could be restricting the Kerberos refresh or should i look elswhere ?

    Thanks again,

    • Hi
      i re-installed the application and prefs and it works now, splendid :)
      I’d just like to double check, are the permissions root:wheel 755 ok for the Application ?

      Thank you,

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