ADPassMon updated to v1.11.3

Hot on the heels of v1.11.2, this release addresses two issues:

  • Fixed an annoying bug where the Use Notifications checkbox in the Preferences window, and both the Enable Notifications and Enable KerbMinder menu items would not change state the first time they are selected.
  • Added a log entry for when ADPassMon triggers a Notification Center alert to help troubleshoot an issue where notifications were not being spawned.

Download this release from GitHub.

18 thoughts on “ADPassMon updated to v1.11.3

  1. Thanks !
    I’m testing this release on a few machines and have noticed a mixture of some with the brackets around the expiry date and some without, is there a way to manage the brackets on or off via the plist ?
    Life will continue if not ;)!

    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks Peter
    Could that be done via a command rather than get on each machine ?
    (I have the preferences locked out via a JSS configuration profile)
    Half of the machines have the brackets and a question mark (checked and they all have a valid kerberos ticket)
    Could the question mark also be a side effect of the preferences needing refreshing ?

    • Yeah, I think once the prefs are cleared the other issues should go away, too. As root, you could do something like this to clear the prefs for each user on a machine:

      for u in /Users/*; do defaults delete "${u}/Library/Preferences/org.pmbuko.ADPassMon.plist"; done

      For good measure, I’d also do

      defaults delete /Library/Preferences/org.pmbuko.ADPassMon.plist

  3. Hi
    i just refreshed the prefereces on my Mac and saw that it clears out the plist in ~/Library/Preferences

    On the Macs with the question mark and brackets they only have a plist in /Library/Managed Preferences (From the Config profile), nothing in ~/Library/Preferences .

    All that Macs where it displays correctly have prefs in both locations, ~/Library/Preferences and /Library/Managed Preferences

    I just tried quitting the application and copying in a blank plist to ~/Library/Preferences and open the Application, it now displays correctly.


  4. Should the application routinely check to see if the domain is available and if the Mac has a Kerberos ticket or does it only run these checks at launch ?
    I’ve added the blank ~/ plist to a couple of test Macs but they are still showing [ ? ]

  5. Hi
    I have the application open, i’m then choosing Reset > Revert to Defaults which makes [ ? ] appear,
    leaving the application open after resetting the preferences i see nothing for ADPasMon in the console logs and it stays displays [ ? ] in the menu

    If i quit and re-open the application it then does it’s checks and the icon changes from [ ? ] to the expiry days,
    so that’s good.

    Is there a schedule that makes it re-check the expiration or does it only check after the application has been quit and re-opened ?
    I’m using a LaunchAgent to stop users from quitting the application and the machines will only get restarted once in a blue moon so my concern is that it won’t update frequently enough.


    • The app does a check routine on startup/login, on computer wake, every twelve hours, and whenever the “Re-check Expiration” menu item is chosen.

      • with version 1.11.3. I am seeing the same issue. it doesn’t seem to be performing the routine until i manually click on the re-check expiration item. is there a log item that will shows the app performing the routine? thanks

          • Thanks. from looking at the logs. it seems ADPassMon is not running everytime when the machine is woken. this is what i am seeing. I didn’t have this issue on the older version. I will try remove everything and install again.

  6. Hi Peter
    It seems like it’s not updating on a lot of our Macs, is there a command that i could send that would make it re-check the expiration ?

    We have a LaunchAgent keeping ADPassMon alive so i was to testing a JSS policy to unload the Agent then quit the app then load the agent but as the agent needs to be unloaded and loaded as the user it’s a bit more fiddly, the script i’ve got together doesn’t always work, my Bash Fu needs improving!


    loggedInUser=$( stat -f%Su /dev/console )
    loggedInPID=$( ps -axj | awk “/^$loggedInUser/ && / {print \$2;exit}” )
    (/bin/launchctl bsexec “${loggedInPID}” sudo -iu “${loggedInUser}” “launchctl unload /Library/LaunchAgents/local.adpassmon.job.plist”)

    osascript -e ‘quit app “ADPassMon”‘

    (/bin/launchctl bsexec “${loggedInPID}” sudo -iu “${loggedInUser}” “launchctl load /Library/LaunchAgents/local.adpassmon.job.plist”)

    any ideas how i could force the application to check in daily ?


    • I hate to see you have to go through this hoop just to get around an issue that shouldn’t be happening in the first place. The good news is that I’ve now noticed that your issue seems to be affecting my own computer, too, at least while it’s off the work network. Let me troubleshoot this for a while and I might be able to figure out what’s going wrong.

  7. Thanks Peter,

    I’m testing on my Mac on the company network today and it doesn’t update if i sleep the computer then login.
    Could the fact that i’m using a LaunchAgent to keep it alive affect the behaviour ?




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