ADPassMon is “de-forking”

icon_forkBut first, some history. In April of 2014, Ben Toms (aka macmule), released his fork of ADPassMon to the world. It has three main features that differentiate it from mine:

  1. Where my version relies on the native OS change password dialog box, Ben’s fork gives you the option of changing passwords using a dialog box provided by ADPassMon. One of the main advantages here is that you can customize the text displayed in the password window and tailor it to your environment. If your organization uses a web-based password changing service, Ben’s fork can even take users to that site.
  2. Ben’s fork can verify that the user’s login keychain password is correctly synced with their login password, and prompt to fix it when it is not. This is a big deal, as out-of-sync keychain passwords are a hassle for many Mac admins to deal with.
  3. The interval between AD password checks is user-configurable in Ben’s fork. My version used a fixed 12-hour interval.

Since the time of the great forking, Ben and I have both worked independently on our code, adding changes and fixing bugs here and there, so there has been a bit of drift and duplication of effort in the last year. After a fair bit of discussion and some false starts, we finally pooled our resources and have reunited our code into a single project.

So, without further ado…

We’re proud to announce ADPassMon v2.20!

In addition to the features listed above, this release brings the following:

  • Notification alerts now include a Change button, which takes you directly to your selected change password method.
  • Even though it was listed as a feature, “offline functionality” didn’t work correctly until now. The menu item now will now update to show the correct number of days remaining even if your computer has been away from the work network for a while.

Going forward, ADPassMon’s source code, releases, and documentation will be maintained and updated at

Since this is a big change for both forks, we’re still in pre-release mode. Please download and test the app and share your feedback. If you discover any issues, or have feature requests, we ask you to please let us know by submitting them to the github project.

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