Quickly Add a Userset to Many Sun Grid Engine Queues

This will be the first (of many??) posts to spill outside the topics one would think you’d find on a site with the name “Your Mac Guy”. You’ve been warned.

Back in January (of 2009) my primary work responsibilities shifted from Mac servers and desktops (and all that entailed) to Linux servers and desktops and the multitude of new things that entails (at least here where I work). One of the new tasks I’ve picked up is user administration of our Sun Grid Engine (SGE) 500-node cluster. New or existing users who want to submit jobs to the cluster need to be added to custom groups or, in SGE-speak, usersets. We create usersets for each lab, so if the user is part of a lab that doesn’t currently have access to submit jobs, I need to create a new userset and add that userset to each of 16 separate queues.

That last part, adding usersets to queues, is the most tedious part. So tedious, in fact, that it forced my hand into developing a scripted solution. I likely could have found an existing script to accomplish the task for me, but then I wouldn’t have had an excuse to brush up on my 3-years dormant perl skills.

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