(Back to) California or bust!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve accepted a job with Apple in California with a title of Dev Ops Engineer, starting February 15, 2016. I will be working with a great team of individuals doing lots of linuxy, pythony, and puppety things to help maintain the worldwide infrastructure that makes Apple Search/Spotlight possible. My family will probably stay in Virginia for about a month before joining me in the Bay Area. This is still to-be-determined.

April 2016 would have marked my 16th year with HHMI. In April 2000, a few months out of college, I started working for HHMI as a (glorified?) Network Engineer, supporting Windows servers, desktops, and Cisco networking devices around the country out of a remote office on the Stanford University campus in California. In late 2001 our office relocated to downtown Berkeley, much closer to home. In 2002, I got married and then in 2003 and 2005 had a son and a daughter.

In late 2005, HHMI moved my family from California to Virginia so I could work at their new Janelia Farm Research Campus (now Janelia Research Campus.) I started there as a Mac Admin, supporting researchers and administrative staff. In 2009, I transitioned to the Scientific Computing Systems team to support the linux workstations and servers. This is when my love of scripting, programming, and automation really had a chance to take off.

Working at Janelia was the best part of my tenure at HHMI. I’ll be leaving behind many friends and respected colleagues there. I owe a lot to my last HHMI boss, who was a fantastic mentor and let me explore and develop my skills in directions I couldn’t have anticipated when I started working for him.

I quite like my career’s arc and how it has led me to where I am today and to what I’m about to do. The only thing I’m not sure about is what this move means for my future availability to work on ADPassMon and KerbMinder. I don’t anticipate having to cease work on these projects, but even if I do, the excellent collaborators I’ve managed to acquire will keep them alive and thriving.

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year! I’m really looking forward to what’s next.

8 thoughts on “(Back to) California or bust!

  1. Welcome back to California Peter! Congratulations on your new position at Apple. Definitely look up Dane Riley (dane@apple.com). Good guy and he’s an incredible asset to us at Fresno State.

    If you ever want to chat or hang out sometime, shoot me an email. I’ve been looking for an excuse to get the wife and tater-tot to the Bay Area.

    As to AdPassMon and KerbMinder, perhaps see if you can get the new bosses to integrate them into OS X. Lord knows it needs it and there really isn’t any excuse anymore, they have the person who did the bulk of the work working for them!

    Again, many congratulations and I hope this will be an awesome beginning to this next phase of your career and the lives of your family.


  2. Congratulations! Y’know, if the ‘refresh tickets’ & the ‘not required to be bound to AD’ parts of KerbMinder was merged with the ‘AD password check and sync’ part of ADPassMon so we could have totally local accounts with all the joy of AD password policy changes, so if a user changed their password then the local keychain would all be synced up but without actually needing to be bound to AD etc etc… that would be awesome! Is that at all possible do you think?

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